Market Orders

Manage your foreign currency exposure with customized strategies to help minimize your currency risk.

Market conditions caused by economic indicators, news, and conflict can all have dramatic, far-reaching effects on any currency pair.  Volatility caused by these factors can have considerable impacts on not only currency markets, but also the bottom line of companies who find themselves with currency risk abroad.  Be it for goods, services or international payroll, there is a large inherent risk with having incoming or outgoing payments in foreign currencies. This is where Tempus’ Market Orders come into play.

Market Orders are among the simplest tools you can use to hedge currency risk.  Simply name your price, by setting your target, then sit back and relax! No need to watch the market, because placing your Market Order gives you continuous 24/5 market watch where Tempus will automatically execute your transaction if the market reaches your specified target rate.

Market Orders give you the option of setting the highest and/or lowest costs, allowing them to protect your projected profits from erosion in the case the market moves out of favor or allows you to take advantage of a market move, if it moves in your favor.  In the case a client is not yet ready to pay for this currency, these can be turned into forward contracts for long term hedging solutions and risk strategies. Some additional benefits of Market Orders include: 

  • 24/5 automatic trades, if the designated rate is achieved
  • Pre-specified Buy/Sell rates
  • Flexible expiration options
  • Protect profits
  • Mitigate currency volatility
  • No fee/cost to place Market Orders