Currency Holding Accounts

Reduce exposure by retaining foreign funds in over 30 different currency holding accounts.

Tempus’ Currency Holding Accounts enables you to retain foreign funds in over 30 different currencies. With our Holding Accounts you can receive foreign currency directly without having to first convert it into US dollars. This gives you the freedom to hold foreign currencies to either use at a later date or convert when the exchange rate moves in your favor.

Holding Accounts also allow you to take advantage of favorable market moves by purchasing the currency and placing it in your Tempus account until you need it. You can rest easy knowing that your funds are fully protected; we use refined and comprehensive techniques to ensure all transactions are properly vetted and compliant with all US state and federal regulations; Tempus is nationally licensed and bonded financial institution. Some additional benefits of our Currency Holding Accounts include:

  • No required minimum balance
  • Available in over 30 currencies
  • Lower markups when converting incoming foreign funds
  • Better transparency during the fund transfer process
  • No monthly account maintenance fees
  • Accessible online or through your dedicated account representative