Account Management

Dedicated Dealers work to understand every aspect of your global business to best meet your payment needs.

The world is a big place and thanks to advances in technology and communications — it now feels smaller than ever. Companies of all sizes are able to do business anywhere in the world to find the highest quality goods and services with international suppliers; however, it doesn’t come without risks. Organizations of all sizes are exposed to currency volatility risk, as sudden market shifts can rapidly eat away at projected profits. To safely navigate this new world of global finance, companies need critical market knowledge to best handle key practices such as international business payments, market orders and currency holding accounts. That’s where Tempus comes in.

As a premier provider of international business payment solutions, Tempus and its affiliated companies serve more than 50,000 corporate clients globally. What really sets Tempus apart is its account management team.  Since 1999, dedicated Account Managers work together with clients to determine a course of action specifically tailored to each client’s needs, from managing FX payments to hedging their currency risk. The Tempus team understands the importance of providing strategies and tools to help clients achieve their goals with international payments, including Currency Holding Accounts, Forward Contracts and Market Orders.

Tempus realizes managing business payment solutions may only take a small portion of any decision-maker’s day, so the aim of any account manager is to make the process as easy and convenient as possible.  All account managers can work via email or directly by phone; additionally, every client has access to the Tempus online system, Primus. This system is designed to allow clients to handle many normal account management tasks – from making FX payments to adding beneficiaries – on their own, from the comfort of their desk.

Tempus has a vast array of experience across all industries and sectors and offers account managers with experience and knowledge tailored to those specific FX payment needs. From arts and antiques, to manufacturing, wine, law firms, universities, freight forwarders, tour operators, construction, organizations, equipment and musical instruments. Tempus’ broad knowledge and in-depth expertise can serve clients’ needs to hedge the risk on FX payments and other international business payment solutions.